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When a woman sits on her partner's face as an act of domination, with one or more of three possible goals: 1. Smothering, breathplay; 2. Scentplay, forced to smell; 3. Forced oral sex.

For 1&2, the sitter may be in any stage of undress. For example, either fully clothed, in panty hose panties or nude.

For 3, most often nude.

It is not uncommon for the sitee to be bound or movement restricted in some way.
She preferred using a smotherbox for face sitting
by pinmedown July 04, 2005
A bondage device used in face sitting; a box roughly 2'x2' in width & depth, and about 9"-12" high. It is hinged on one side about halfway up. A hole is cut into the opposite side for the sitee's neck, and one cut in the top for the sitee's face. Padlock latches and eyelets for other bondage toys are mounted on the remaining sides.

The box is padded on top and inside.
She placed his head in the smotherbox, and locked it shut.
by pinmedown July 04, 2005
Commonly used in an escort review to refer to an orgasm. Symbolic of ejaculate that is or will be released.
I spilled my first cup. After a little break, she offered me a second cup.
by pinmedown August 13, 2005
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