how you measure a woman's breast size
YO MAMA: Do you have Triple ZZZ wired
XXXXXXXtra large?

ME: ....HOLY COCK FUCK DAMN!!!!!!! *ahem* aisle 7295630582640, ma'am
by wakalakalover45 April 04, 2005
An exclamation: hello; how are you doing?; what is up?; so long; good day to you.
"Cups, Jigga!!!" "Cups."
"Cups?" "Bootylicious, Bitch!!!"
by Jewbacca the Pope July 17, 2003
A derogitory term for african americans: a new N word so you can get away with saying it to the uninformed.

This definition was invented in Largo Highschool.
"Dirty cups!" "I hate cups!" "Stupid cup!"
by Hybrid March 11, 2005
CUP, abbreviation meaning currently unknown position., similar to MIA.
I would have done the journal but my book is CUP
by qweerdog May 22, 2015
A boy or a girl who is super clingy and you keep around only to compliment you as a backup plan. C- clingy, U- unattractive, P- praiser
He's my C.U.P in case Jason breaks up with me

Who's your C.U.P
by Curlyblondehairsalon March 01, 2015

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