An abbreviation of the phrase "cream ur pants"
also usedmy pants" as a shortened version of "creamed
Emma : OMG Tom is so hot-i think Im gonna cup :S

Rach : Yeah I think I just cupped too
by IQ April 08, 2006
Abbr: To cream ones pants

Oh mi gee he was so hot, he made me C.U.P!!!
by Radiator face March 30, 2006
shitting or puking in someone mouth while passed out
Danny totaly cupped Elio last night
by jackoff jacobs October 16, 2009
it is shorthand for "Crooked Ugly Penis"
A middle school incident where the man fell on his erect penis left him with an awful CUP
by Paul Tessman September 28, 2006
size of a bra, sizes are measured in "cups"
wowowowowowowowowowowowowowo duhhhh dfghdghdhgfh
by bobie November 29, 2004
someone who is a complete loser or a dork. the person may even a double cup or triple cup depending on how much of a loser he really is.
Look at that double cup over there picking his nose.
by ben hundreds December 07, 2004
a thing you put on your dick so it doesnt break
thank the Lord for cups!

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