A protective sheath used by males in sports to cover their genitals.

*A cup is also known to most in terms of drinking; it holds the liquid.
A sports cup used in baseball.

Can be used in the following sentence, "A stupid girl at school asked me what a cup was. Everyone laughed".
by Maestro Vagenis July 13, 2003
A cup, usually made from porcelain is a drinking recepticle, usually used for hot drinks such as tea or coffee because unlike glass it does not break when heated by hot liquids.
I'd love a cup of tea, governor
by Jim Hodgson April 28, 2003
To offer someone a couple of pulls on a spliff or cigarette
yo, remember to cups me on dat!
by perfect ass June 05, 2009
A plastic device that male atheles shove over their nuts. This usually can cause jock itch, rip out pube hairs, and smells like shit from the nut juice that come from exercising
Jimmys cup not only ripped out 27 pube hairs, but caused testicle cancer from the lack of air and loss of nut juice.
by Badidea November 29, 2012
a giraffe that has bunny ears and whiskers.
I wanted to see cup at the zoo but they only had regular giraffes.
by marla canger November 12, 2010
The formal way to measure a female's boobs
We went to Victoria's Secret yesterday, and the B's didn't fit her... Tina's already a C cup!
by chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicka December 20, 2008
Contraption for
Real Guy: "I can't believe we have to wear a cup for sports."
Girl pretending to be guy: " neither."
by Clevername November 13, 2007

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