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Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Goddam, Hillary Clinton is such a fucking cuntwhore!
#hillary clinton #cunt #bitch #gash #ugly
by dirtyjeff March 14, 2008
An extremely skanktastic individual who engages into sexual activities with whomever is closest, as long as they are in some way physically appealing or not. Usually has 1 to 5 STD's and has either been knocked up or has knocked someone up at least 12 times. Would fuck anywhere at anytime and is usually high/drunk in the process, which equals sloppy gross sex. Not appealing.
penishead: omfg i had some great sex last night with like suzy, and julia and hoe.. i mean jocey and barbara and ashley and ashley and another ashley and sophie and.... *continues to list 1561315643554123156415132 girls he fucked in one night*

friend: wow, you are such a cuntwhore!
#cunt whore #cunt #skanktastic #slutpuppy #cumdumpster #hoetastic
by summerisamazing =] April 02, 2009
A woman who loves fucking and playing with her clit/g-spot way too much.
That slut is such a fucking cunt whore- she took two large cocks and still had to flick her clit till she shot her juice all over.
by Andy Rowe June 04, 2005
A filthy, dirty slut.
That girl Holly is such a fucking cuntwhore.
by FortKielbasa October 08, 2003
A great cussword describing a whore with a cunt.
by Dan July 04, 2003
A person trying to get some of that cuntthey are a whore for it and bend over backwords.
also meens lesbian when said to a woman
God damnit man your such a cunt whore

DAMN BITCH your a cunt whore
#cunt whore #cunt #pussy #vagina #whore
by /HellRaizer May 11, 2006
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