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Like "craptastic" only refering to skank.
Anna Nicole Smith is skanktastic.
by S. Casner October 21, 2003
This is a female who is a skank, but you still want to hit that. She is defined as a skank who is kind of fly (fantastic).
Yo dog, let's leave this club. They ain't no ho's up here that I want to hit. Oh wait, that one over on the pole is skanktastic and so is the other one dancing in the cage! My bad.
by Scotina September 24, 2009
The rare occurrence of a prude doing a sexual favor without question.
guy 1: Hey, I totally just got a bj from sarah yesterday.

guy 2: You mean the prude?

guy 1: Yeah, it was skanktastic.
by DcrBob May 01, 2010
It is so skanky that it is fantastic!
Man that girl is so skanky, she is skanktastic.
by remokc June 30, 2005
The act of being or looking like a skank, slut, whore, or all around trashy person to the extreme. A combination of the words fantastic and skanky, hence being fantastically skanky.
Woah did you see Trish grinding on the new guy?! Yea...she was lookin skanktastic tonight.
by Sydlicious February 05, 2011
An adjective describing a female of exceptionally high physical attraction, while at the same time equally low morality and behavior, usually public in nature.
Miley Ray Cyrus is skanktastic!
by HTown KDog November 28, 2013
adj. - Crissy Lee's state of being.

Credit: Hannah Hartl
Crissy sucked off three guys in a row in a car? Now that's skanktastic!
by hayleywalsh November 07, 2010
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