An insult to perverted, promiscuous men that always get pussy and get AIDS from it.

They are trashy, dirty and rude idiots. They're the 'male sluts', if you will.
For fuck's sake, stop being such a cuntsucker

James is such a cuntsucker.
by avialae March 25, 2013
Top Definition
much like a cocksucker...but far worse
Hey cuntsucker...get over here.
by Dudley Watts October 27, 2004
same as cocksucker...but with cunts instead and more fun to say
Person cuts you off

you call them a cunt sucker
by Arndm name cuz it wond let me February 22, 2009
just an all around general word to talk shit.

<i>1. Ya stupid cunt sucker<br>
2. fuckin cunt sucker.</i>
by Jay See Bee October 25, 2008
opposite of cocksucker.
it is a derogatory comment for a man who sucks a womens cunt, or vaginal area.
That guy is so whipped over her. He is a cuntsucker.
by corianel March 27, 2009
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