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A remote that controls a bitch when she's being an absolute cunt. Comes in black, white, and yellow.
A: Holy shit Jenny shut the fuck up!
B: Dude, hit her with that cuntroller.
by BigBean January 15, 2015
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In addition to being a controlling woman, this may refer to a man who:

1. is abusive around women.
2. knocks up hoes in his spare time.
"I feel bad for Jaime, her boyfriend's a cuntroller."
"I know! How many other girls has he slept with while they've been together?"
by twittersucks December 23, 2009
n; A woman (or the agreed upon "female" in a same sex relationship) whom lashes back after an argument and punishes the male by refusing an sexual advance. Note: not to be confused with someone whom has a lot of woman for their sexual disposing (ie. rolling in cunt)
Ed: So are you and Cindy holding up?
Ted: Well enough. Aside from the fact I haven't gotten any ass since our fight.
Ed: Totally knew she'd be a cuntroller.
by Sgt. Guzzo September 15, 2009

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