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5 definitions by ShoKill

The last day of work or school in a normal work week, due to an extended weekend.
"I'm so glad I have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. Even though today is only Wednesday it's Virtual Friday!"
by ShoKill November 25, 2008
A person walking across a street or busy intersection who is missing a leg.
Generally it takes them a long time to get to the other side.
Q: Why did the ampudestrian cross the road?
A: Because he wanted me to be late for work.
by ShoKill October 05, 2007
When a female that has authority over you is a total bitch, and is controlling.
Mom: Hey, go buy me some tampons.
Son: No, I have a football game.
Mom: Do it, I made you. Do what I say.
Son: Okay.
Friend: Why didn't you make the game? You're mom is such a cuntrolling bitch.
by ShoKill April 14, 2009
An advocate or creator of new vocabulary that has substantial, unique, and relevant meaning to a particular language or culture that has yet to be accepted as part of formal grammar.
Me: I definitely just roffled!
You: What do you mean by roffled?
Me: Roffled is the past tense of the acronym ROFL.
You: You are such a postscriptionist, but I agree that makes perfect sense!
by ShoKill December 18, 2009
To be exhausted due to everyone obsessing about the tv show Lost.
Friend 1: I love Benjamin Linus. Lost rules my life.
Friend 2: I'm annoyed with everyone talking about lost.
Friend 3: Yeah, I'm completely exlosted.
by ShoKill February 03, 2010