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When a female that has authority over you is a total bitch, and is controlling.
Mom: Hey, go buy me some tampons.
Son: No, I have a football game.
Mom: Do it, I made you. Do what I say.
Son: Okay.
Friend: Why didn't you make the game? You're mom is such a cuntrolling bitch.
by ShoKill April 14, 2009
Same as the word controlling. Often used when one knows that a woman would be overly sensitive to saying cunt, or just for its hillarity. One pauses after the cunt part of the word for a breif second allowing for confusion when the rest is said. Also see whoreable.
Girl: Don't you go to that strip club with the guys!

Guy: Don't be such a cuntrolling bitch. I'll do what I want.
by Isar May 11, 2006

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