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the act of performing cunnilingus on a womanwho is deficating in a toilet
a cuntkins gotta be performed on the toilet otherwise you just shat your pants while getting eaten out
by boobsaget March 22, 2009
A person that thinks they are "kin" with someone or something, mostly found on tumblr.
They are, if they want or not, cuntkin.
tumblr idiot: "I am kin with a used condom"
person: "You are cuntkin you fucker"
by GermanAf May 31, 2016
A person who gets cranky late at night, usually towards the end of a party.
Don't mind her. She turns into a cuntkin at midnight.
by Tassel July 18, 2011
A cat, normally owned by an old lady living alone, which constantly shits in your back yard whilst never doing so in its own
That fucking tabby next door is a right cuntkins! He's shat in my flowerbed again!
by Richard Barclay November 21, 2006
A pumpkin carved with a cunt shape (lips and all), notoriously created to celebrate the joyous Halloween holiday season, with just a hint of "guts" left inside
Judy, Andy, and Gibbs did a fine job of carving a cuntkin at a party in October
by Yohe October 21, 2007
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