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Cuntis is a municipality of Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra.
whilst travelling spain, i got my dick wet at cuntis by a hot foreign chick with a hairy cunt
by nognome August 27, 2009
A strange disease that turns even the most moderate person into a screaming cunt.
Dave was a real fuckhead last night. He must have had a bad case of cuntis.
by Master Of Cunts May 11, 2008
A human instance of a cloaca in which one orrifice serves 3 functions (urination, excreation, sexual intercourse).
Ken would be happy to eat cuntis all night.
by anon321354 May 14, 2011
Another word for "cunt"
"You're such a cuntis!"
by lellulosesameemas October 28, 2014
the name of a babies jumpsuit!

actually, if u drop the "c" bomb in an innapropriate moment and someone asks what you have said, add an "i" onto the end of the word, and say that you said cunti; pronounced: coon-ti. The cover is provided by saying that a cunti is the slang name for a babies jumpsuit.
you are a cunt, what did you say? I said, cunti, that baby is wearing a nice cunti!
by bc baracus March 11, 2008

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