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1. a puerile polemicist; self-proclaimed internet celebrity and renowned bullshit artist; possibly the real life inspiration for the Scumbag Steve meme; one who is fond of leading circlejerks; hypocrite

2. any successful, middle-aged person who, upon experiencing midlife crisis, reverts to wearing fitted caps and basketball jerseys whilst getting stoned and playing video games with his friends
"Do you and Dan still collaborate on anything?"
"No, not since he went and keemstarred during our last project."

"I don't blame her for divorcing him, he wouldn't stop keemstarring in front of the kids!"
by wordswithworks September 24, 2013
A 'Famous' youtuber that should lick the spoon, because he stirs the pot of sh!t
SON: "Dad look at this keemstar dude"
DAD: "He's bald lol"
by ShedewwwwBeatz August 03, 2015
33 year old reporting "news" then acts like a 12 year old on twitter
That gnome keemstar
by GnomeFighter June 10, 2016
The cancer of YouTube and/or Twitter. The shit stain that's impossible to lick up.
Kid: Look mom. Look what I found. He goes by the name of Keemstar.
Mom: I should've aborted you.
by Fuckasinschool June 16, 2016
The psychopathic hypocrite that thinks he's doing the world a favor by reporting "NEWS" about the website you tube. He has threatened to DOX people and even made death threats that are total bullshit.
Jim: Do you know that guy keemstar?
David: oh yeah the guy that told everyone to type in chat that Alex is a stupid nigger?
Jim: That's the guy!
by KeemstarTheMemestar June 15, 2016
KKKKKKKKK KILLER KEEMSTAR is a fat fucking whore who runs a retarded news channel on youtube. He has no friends and he reports on the dumbest shit. He is a racist and his fans mean nothing to him. He even said it... Alex is a stupid what?
keemstar is a fag
by ChineseDiabetes June 25, 2016
Your average racist dickhead garden gnome that likes to talk about gossip on youtube and talk shit on other people just because they roasted him/her
Keemstar: alex this stupid piece of shit is doing this shit, everybody just spam alex is a cunt

public: this kid is such a keemstar
by lack of sleep June 22, 2016
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