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A characteristic given to a person, particularly a female, who acts like a cunt.

A female who think she possesses a cuteness quality, but does not. Instead this female, holds qualities that would define her as a cunt.

Females who tend to whine about everything.

Her cuntiness is extra bold today; she won't even respond.
by Marky Mark 52 October 12, 2007
Being a bitch just for the hell of it, while not always having much meaning behind it.
Kari Lynn and Jamee Lynn, not only share the same middle name, but the same factor of cuntiness.

Your cuntiness, is kind of attractive.

Get on my level of cuntiness bitch. Oh yeah, that's right, you can't. ^_^
by Your Highness Your Cuntiness March 30, 2011

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