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A spliff specially saved for right before you go to sleep so you can drift off into dreamland high as a kite. Usually consisting of the finest bud acquired that day, a beddy must be a fatty so you when u put ur head back you just start spinning and go into a lovely deep sleep with Crazy ass dreams!
Bignose: Hey man i found bare ganja next to your tv!
Bighead: Thats my beddy!
by WCPS April 03, 2010
Really nice boobs. Breasts. Titties.
Veronica has some excellent beddies.
by Bobby/Hallie March 30, 2005
a person who is constatntly stoned. Not just sometimes, like 3 or 4 days a week, but for months on end. Also sells knives to suburban families.
dude, Greg has been a beddy for the last 15 months...good thing college is so easy.
by Banana Hat February 10, 2005
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