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A truly horrendous, offensively customised car with a roof. Invariably older than its driver and adorned with an ill fitting body kit with a shite paint job, alloy wheels, and a suspension lower than whale shit, rear spoiler and a peashooter exhaust system with one or two horse knobs. Driven by a brain dead chav listening to ear shatteringly loud drum and bass music.
Steve :- Ay-up boys, old Jamie's really excited about getting his chavrolet back from the repair shop. 's gorra nuther sticker on it.
Guy :- Yeah shite innit?
Richard :- Wunt have it in me driveway!
Tosh :- Fuckin rangum!
Mike :- Waste of money, time and space!
ALL :- AYE!!
by swineyvee October 10, 2006
Matey is a word that, on the face of it, sounds very friendly but, on the other hand with vocal inflection can be used to sound quite the opposite.
1 - "ay-up Jim 'ows it goin' matey"?

2 - Poor old Jim trying to get some kip on a train near Birmingham in the UK keeps getting woken up by some young Yid Geezer singing. "Oy you wouldn't be so fucking happy if this were 1943 on the Reichsbahn matey"!
by swineyvee October 09, 2006
A northern England term used to describe rubbish or general crap. Can also be used to describe a bad smell etc. It is unclear as to the spelling of this word - it could be rangam, wrangum or wrangam.
1 - Towbar Tom told me to lob all that pile of old rangum in the skip.

2 - She hadn't had a wash for a week and her minge stunk like rangam.
by swineyvee October 09, 2006
Agree also with Gregg (thumb up).
This British definition applies to BBC / ITV ceefax or teletext. Refer Skint = no dosh for subs and internet = supposedly free information network. No payment to use ceefax henceforth skinternet.
Thought for the day guys and girls - what if the guy who invented the internet (good ol' boy) patented it or whatever and charged us sorry arsed buggers for a crack at this newfangled wonderful invention every time we clicked on a link, say 0.001 penny a time. Well he would be so fucking rich that even Bill Gates would look poor by comparison and the rest of the prolateriat would be ultimately forced to use the skinternet.
by swineyvee October 18, 2006
(n) A diesel engine where the cylinder arrangement is in the form of an equilateral triangle operating from three crankshafts (one at each apex) geared together to form one output shaft. As the pistons are opposed the engine is a 2 stroke type. The 9 cyl and 18 cyl types were used in high powered military vehicles, high powered marine MTB's and high powered high speed British locomotives. The Deltics ran from London to Scotland on the east coast mainline from 1960 to 1981. Six Deltic locos are preserved.
The 10 o' clock from Kings Cross to Edinburgh was hauled by class 55 Deltic D9009 Alycidon.
by swineyvee October 08, 2006
Talking bollocks. One who is well versed in the art of bullshitting and making things up as they go along.
Ken :- Oy Steve, did you understand a word of what Mr Blair just said?
Steve :- Nah Ken, he always talks swivel lipped.
by swineyvee October 09, 2006
In British rail enthusiasts terms to bail out is a short term planning route alteration or a move enforced upon the individual due to unforseen circumstances.
1 - There was a chance to ride behind Deltic 55009 so we bailed out at Doncaster.

2 - The line was blocked between St Germans and Menheniot so we had to bail out at Plymouth.
by swineyvee October 11, 2006
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