A word originating from the Aborigine tribes of Western Samoa, it is now commonly used at high powered business meetings in the Maltese capital of Valetta
That American over there is a Cuntasaurus
by Adam February 20, 2005
A woman (or sometimes, a man) who bitches constantly, is slutty, has a nasty vagina, and screws anything that moves. Causes general distress with others, and everyone loves to make fun of her.
"JENNIFER MASSENGILL of KNOXVILLE, TN sure is quite the Cuntasaurus."
by Jack'sRagingTestes April 15, 2015
Piercings, tats, RP's. Often found sitting at home making people jealous with their sheer awesomeness.
RPer 1: Did you see that guy on twitter?

RPer 2: Yeah. He's a real Cuntasaurus.
by That one bitch you love September 14, 2014
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