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Used to make someone feel stupid for actually falling into the trap of this joke
"Hey, do you want some tape and CD's?"
"What am I gonna do with that?"
"You can tape my dick to your forehead so you can See Deez Nuts!!!"
by Daonocto January 08, 2008
A woman who is so evil that if she existed during the time of the dinosaur, she would have survived extinction through sheer hatred for anything that might live.
My boss is an evil souless cuntasaurus rex
by daonocto August 18, 2010
To be both wasted and naked at the same time, or in most cases, nikked
why is he running around naked?
he just drank 3 bottles of tequila.
wow, he's really nasted.
by Daonocto January 08, 2008
Used to anger some in the military who walks into your office and thinks he runs the damn place.
Sergeant: You WILL give me a pair of those damn boots!!!
Specialist: Sergeant, the only boots I can give you are ODN boots.
Sergeant: What the Hell are ODN bo...
Specialist: OH DEEZ NUTS FEEL SO GOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!!!! Get the fuck out my office!
by Daonocto January 08, 2008

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