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You are so much of a cunt that other women around you also become cunts.
Julie and Ericka just ripped me a new asshole, what happened?

They have been hanging with Beth, that bitch is cuntageous!
by DAVnCHAINS December 07, 2010
Female genitalia infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease
Man, don't go near her with your dick, she's cuntageous.
by Billy The FIsh March 17, 2003
How long it takes your wife to dress.
Christ!! It takes that cuntageous to get ready.
by ambo December 10, 2003
An outrageous cunt, or to be contagious! Or a woman that's cunt smells so bad it won't come off your hands.
I was oblivious as to how Cuntageous she was.. I washed and washed my hands but the smell and effection was outrageous. It was but cuntageously ammusing.
by Ccccchang October 28, 2008
a pussy that everyone wants to fuck
Dude, that bitch's pussy is CUNTageous! Everyone wants a slice!
by bino December 04, 2002

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