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6 definitions by DAVnCHAINS

You are so much of a cunt that other women around you also become cunts.
Julie and Ericka just ripped me a new asshole, what happened?

They have been hanging with Beth, that bitch is cuntageous!
by DAVnCHAINS December 07, 2010
(noun) - When a bitch or cunt is out of character by being nice.
Suzie is being really nice, maybe she's changed.

No she didn't she's just cuntstipated.
by DAVnCHAINS December 07, 2010
being in a relationship; having a girlfriend.
Hey Mike you coming to the party tonight? Jimmy's bringing some girls that are down to party. Why you offering me this? You know I'm under cuntract.
by DAVnCHAINS July 30, 2013
A whore, prostitute or anyone that accepts money for sex.
Hey man did you see that girl? I'm all over that!

Don't go falling in love she looks like she's coin-operated.
by DAVnCHAINS April 18, 2014
A redneck skill or talent that the rest of the world deems useless, unnecessary or disgusting.
Bobby Ray bathes and makes his moonshine at the same time. What hillbility do you have?
by DAVnCHAINS April 15, 2014
The problem of being so tired that you cannot fall asleep.
Dude, I got like 2 hours of sleep last night, hopefully when I get out of work I wont be too exhaustipated to go to bed.
by DAVnCHAINS December 27, 2013