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Sleeping with an ugly girl so your friend can score.
Greg owes me one. Last night I had to cunt bunt for him.
by Jg7805 July 21, 2009
When a single female or a group of females prevent the male species from getting laid
I would have gotten laid last night if her friend wouldn't have cunt bunted me.
by jazellen September 23, 2007
A female cockblock. This can be used to save your best friend from a big fat drunk mistake, or to stop a dirty hoe from touching your ex boyfriend's weiner.
She keeps making out with that 40 year old Mexican, if she takes any more shots I'm going to have to cuntbunt the rest of the night.
by etizzleforizzle February 20, 2011
When a guy goes down on a girl and she orgasms and she jerks her hips and hit the guy in the face with her pelvic bone.
I was going down on this girl last night and she cunt bunted me.
by Lexi108 October 10, 2007
cunt bunt is when you kick somone in the cunt, or the vagina
im gunna give you a cunt bunt
by jimbrowski April 16, 2007
To deliver a blow to one's crotch area by following a parabolic path.
To celebrate International Women's Day in mathematics class, we calculated the optimal path for a cuntbunt by using algebra.
by YamBT September 19, 2011
the female version of cock blocking. duh!

look, shawty, my friend Chauncy totally cunt bunted me. eh, she was a lesbo anyway.
by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
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