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impending doom
as soon as i walked in on Stacy and Jill and that 6 foot toedo, i knew there were ninjas on the roof! Phil would be pissed.

by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
the female version of cock blocking. duh!

look, shawty, my friend Chauncy totally cunt bunted me. eh, she was a lesbo anyway.
by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
prosthetic device, resembles real toe nails in shape and texture, utilized for toe shanking. available in the pacific northwest and most of europe. not an accepted substitute for true followers of the fetish.
Tired of his short brittle nails breaking off inside and leaving her with a blu bunny; Tracy suggested the purchase of a toedo to Bob.
by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
when the person ur commited to goes from normal to obese over a gradual period of time.
One day when brandy sneezed, i realized that weight watchers was needed. That bitch pulled a sneakachunk on me.
by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
sexually unfulfilled woman. much like blu balls. w/o the balls.
After a day of foreplay, my old lady left me with a mad case of blu bunnies. Luckily, my hitachi was there for me in my time of need. blu bunny.
by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
sexual fetish, involving the growth and insertion of long toenails or a toedo(see definition..) into any appropriate orifice. mostly a heterosexual practice; frowned upon in gay community as too freaky.
Lauren was so pleased when Zach grew his toenails out for their anniversary. He knew how hot toe shanking was.
by freewilly23 January 18, 2009
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