eating pussy. sucking clit -which i prefer most XD
mmm more on my clit :)
cunninglingus pleasee:) or a palm job
by heart2heart November 17, 2013
Top Definition
The word actually has a Latin deriviative. Cunnis, meaning vagina, and lingus meaning "to lick." So, put it together, you get: to lick puss. Amazing were these words come from. All those things your Latin teacher never taught you.
First I enjoyed a nice foreign film and some caviar, topped off with some cunninglingus.
by ButchDyke18 April 05, 2006
The licking of the vagine ;0)
"Dude, I wanna give that girl some fuckin' cunninglingus!"
by Shaneo632 October 26, 2004
A common misspelling of the actual word, "Cunnilingus". Most commonly misspelled by kids or illiterate adults
Excerpt from showing the correct spelling instead of the incorrect, "Cunninglingus"

Main Entry: cun·ni·lin·gus

Pronunciation: \ˌkə-ni-ˈliŋ-gəs\
Variant(s): also cun·ni·linc·tus \-ˈliŋ(k)-təs\
Function: noun

Etymology: cunnilingus, New Latin, from Latin, one who licks the vulva, from cunnus vulva + lingere to lick; cunnilinctus, New Latin, from Latin cunnus + linctus, act of licking, from lingere — more at lick
Date: 1887
: oral stimulation of the vulva or clitoris
by Khayos_Dalv January 29, 2010
Oral stimulation of the vagina.
"Oh, give me some Cunninlingus, Bob! Come on! Harder! Faster! OOOOooooohhhh"
by Mr. Sex March 15, 2005
The act of giving oral pleasure to a person in a cunning manner - ideally without the recipient being aware of the act at the time.
Man: Did you enjoy that oral sex I gave you last night?
Woman: By Jove, I didn't even notice. How cunning!
Man: (chuckles) That's cunninglingus for you.
by Tonemeister General September 22, 2010
Derived from the mid 80's pop icon Gary "the Ogar" Cunningham, "Cunninglingus" took off as a word used to describe eating box.
"Damn, that b*tch loved my amazing Cunninglingus skills!"
by Joe Spina March 16, 2005
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