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It can mean two things:

1) To literally be in the presence of no other person.
2) To be surrounded by people, but said people are largely inconsequential, in that you take no interest in them and vice versa, and so the situation is as good as being alone.

It can lead to intense feelings of hopelessness, and depression. One may feel that they will forever be alone. It's a feeling commonly associated with the inability to make friends or meet a girlfriend or boyfriend.
"Damnit. Since I moved into University, I feel so alone."
by shaneo632 September 25, 2006
The licking of the vagine ;0)
"Dude, I wanna give that girl some fuckin' cunninglingus!"
by Shaneo632 October 26, 2004
Something so delicious that you have to fap to it - i.e. some big-ass titties, Terminator 2, or early Metallica albums.
by shaneo632 June 01, 2009
The waste product that comes from our ass - also known as shit, poo, and crap.

Also used a derogatory term for black people, or to say that you think something/someone is no good.
"I went to the toilet and left a fucking massive turd in the toilet."

"Yo, I almost got drive-byd today. Fucking turds."

"That maths paper was a fuckin' turd."
by Shaneo632 October 26, 2004
The act of masturbating, but instead of already being horny and just feeling like a wank, you have to touch yourself a lot just to achieve a boner. Thus, the achievement of an erection and subsequent ejaculation is wholly manufactured and processed, unlike the natural, and far more common "horny wank", customarily used to alleviate "blue balls". This processed meat is often called a "cold wank".
Dude A: I was so bored last night, I had some processed meat.

Dude B: Ah man, unlucky.
by shaneo632 August 09, 2008
When you fuck a girl in the ass or pussy so hard that it rips the vagina or asshole, which can lead to extensive bleeding and may require stitches.
"I went Jack The Ripper on her asshole last night, man."

"You sick fuck."
by Shaneo632 July 15, 2006

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