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A person who usually enjoys the sucking of the seamen extracted from testicales and/or penus
The prostitute i payed turned out to be a real cum suck.
by some guy you shouldnt talk to =) October 27, 2007
someone who swallows as opposd to a licker or a spitter.
oh yeah baby oh yeah yes yesssssssssss..
oh thats it cum on cum on YESSSSSSSSSSS
wow that was great you little cumsuck
by Hallie Berry May 06, 2003
"cum suck"nor cum or a suck but a person whom enjoys the sucking of ones skeet,juice,jizz,boner milk,and or fizzle my nizzle.
my homie dustin is a total cum suck.
by Austin t is sooo cool man November 07, 2007
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