The act of forced cuddling upon an unwilling participant.
"Whenever I'm watching TV with Kelly she always ends up cuddling with me even though I don't want to. I feel like I'm being raped! I'm totally a victim of cuddle rape."
by Meg L. February 06, 2009
Top Definition
v. To sometimes violently cuddle with someone against their consent.
I couldn't sleep, much less breathe, because Adrienne was cuddle raping me all night.
by Tool Chest July 12, 2005
Verb: When someone cuddles with you against your will.
1) You wake up after a night of hardcore partying and notice someone you don't like cuddled up to you.

2) Someone breaks into your house, gets in your bed, and you wake up with them cuddling with you.

3) If Goldilocks were to climb into baby bears bed while baby bear was there, baby bear would have woke up to being cuddleraped.
by that1guyukno April 18, 2010
When your significant other doesn't like to cuddle so you wait till they fall asleep and then you spoon with them.
My wife was bitching about me touching her because she was hot so after she fell asleep I cuddle raped her ass.
by xBobLoblawx November 01, 2012
When you suddenly go from cuddling to doing sexual things, and vice versa, or cuddling and doing sexual things at the same time.
I was really shocked when my boyfriend cuddleraped me last night.
by FwahnessTrademark September 23, 2009
Noun: What happens when you unwillingly cuddlecum all over. See also: Cuddlecumming.
Jason cuddleraped Jess while she was trying to watch tv in bed.
by Antrerio Villamonte January 12, 2010
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