Masturbation, Jacking off, Touching oneself for pleasure, Inserting (a) finger/s in your pussy/ass, Playing with yo' self, Massaging your tits/pussy.

When did you last cucumber?
She cucumbers.
Yo, dude! Watch this, it makes you want to cucumber.
by mamamamamma May 23, 2008
1. a vegetable often used to jack off.
2. Also use as a large dildo
1. cut me a hole outta' that cucumber n watct me cum!
2. Ohh... OHHHHH... great dildo!!!
by Andrew Richardson March 15, 2003
used as a perverted currency in exchange for certain oral pleasures
Simon did it for a cuke sandwich
by Robert Harding April 14, 2005
A rarely used, but 100% legit word, for a man's reproductive organs.

It's wordplay on Cum Chamber.

Man 1: Dude i heard Adam slept with your wife.

Man 2: Yeah, I'm so gonna bust his cucumbers.
by ButtStuffYes March 30, 2016
When you're in a complicated situation where you both in love with each other, and are sexually active, but are more than friends, and less than being in a relationship.
Bob and Mary are in a cucumber relationship.
by yedtds519 March 14, 2016
A cucumber a long green healthy thing what Calum Hood used to pleasure the female fans if he feels up to it. The female fans have seen his cucumber from a leaked snapchat and it was fairly decently sized; we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
Calum fucked the fan using his large cucumber sprouting from his body
by Hemmingsbitch January 23, 2015
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