N. a pleasurable device used by women, gay men, and Fran.

V. to ejaculate in a woman's ear

Fran, you're a whore to use that cucumber like that. Use it like this instead.

Man, I wanna cucumber that bitch real bad
by Crackajak August 24, 2008
Natures Two Way

(Nature thinks about lesbians two!)
Sam: Yeah cucumbers are natures two way!
Look that womans buying one of natures two ways!
by Infamous Adam May 10, 2006
1.A sick dick
2.A green and (preferrably) large and long vegetable that's used in place of a penis to fuck
1. "Girl, Marcus showed me his cucumber last night. I was like, 'boy you can suck that yourself or go to the doctor for that shit!'"
2. "Girl, I'm goin to the store to get me some cucumbers. Marcus isn't handlin his business."
by Bootylicious June 23, 2004
A Mediocre Substitute for a Penis or Dildo
Cashier: Would you like one that's short but has lots of girth or one with length but no girth?
Slut: One Cucumber long and thick.
by TerBearDonCare May 22, 2015
"I have a large cucumber"
by Ihavequitealargecucumber November 11, 2013
The coldest vegetable. Approximately -10 degrees.
We love cucumbers at -30 degrees.
by ZachFonaas July 16, 2014
what we are given in health during sex eduction to practise putting condoms onto when we are "old enough" to have sexual intercourse..
teacher: now children open the wrapper and place the tip of the condom frimly on the cucumber make sure you pinch the tip to get rid of air and roll down....
by the mouseinator September 02, 2006

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