A 3 Dimensional object with equal sides and 6 faces.
Ice Cube, Rubix Cube, Cubic Centimeters.
by DictionarySmart February 11, 2007
diamonds....probably derived from the slang "ice" also meaning diamonds.
Cubes on my neck....meaning, "I'm wearing a diamond necklace."
by highlifesipper July 29, 2006
Cube, like Ice Cube.
With NWA, War and Peace etc.
by Diego November 05, 2003
1. A three-dimensional square 2. A person described as a three-dimensional square; i.e. a person who's squareness takes them to a whole new level, esp. one of coolness or acceptableness.
"Jason is such a square."
"No man, he's a total cube."
"Oh, ok."
by D.B. August 23, 2003
An 1/8 of an ounce of marijuana.

Likely etymology is the cubic plastic containers this quantity is typically sold in.
"yo, sorry to txt. this is sammy, jon's friend"
"looking to pick up a cube. you traveling?"
by whatevvvvvsssss September 20, 2011
1. The best friend you will ever have.

2. A three dimensional object, made up of six squares.
1. Who needs friends when you have a cube?

2. The tissue box is in a cube shape.
by Dr. Paine August 17, 2009
Cube is another name for vagina. It is a spawn of the term "box".
I lubed up her cube and went to town on her all night.

by Wardo21 March 27, 2007

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