A group/demographic of people. Cubes usually have very limited intelligence, and must therefore travel in groups to substantiate the few brain cells they have. Cubes are sometimes uncharacteristically polite, but are sometimes thought to be mentally unstable, which could prompt this behaviour.
Cubes often use the term 'wheels'. Cubes try to 'wheel' other women, especially those from foreign countries who do not speak English, and are already married.

Cubes receive a thrill from any activity that is not intellectually stimulating, see: fart, burp, yawn, yell, do stupid things
Cubes, however, have a special spot of kindness in their hearts for driving instructors, although, this is likely a survival technique, as they would not be able to pass a course without otherwise brown-nosing.
Did you see that cube? Wheelin' as always

How can cubes even brush their teeth, let alone drive a motor vehicle?
by AMA1234 February 15, 2013
Cube - Verb, 'To strike a person in the head (preferably on the jaw) with your fist, with intent to knock them out in one punch

Originated from the phrase; 'to cue' i.e. to injure someone utilising a snooker or pool cue

First conceived in Swansea, Wales:

"...so I cued him"

"Cubed him?"

"No. I hit him with the pool cue, but actually cubed sounds better"
"If he does that again, then I going to fucking cube him"

"He was being a cheeky cunt, so I cubed him"

"Fair play. She cubed her so hard, she went down like a sack of shit!"
by Swansea Brethren March 17, 2010
Slang term fo' acid in sugar form.
Cubes . . . They will screw you up, man.
by Der Metzgermeister. August 02, 2009
1. v.i. - to solve a Rubik's Cube, often quickly, in the style of speedcubing.

2. n. - a Rubik's Cube.

3. v.t. - in mathematics, to raise something to the third power.
1. Michael: "Yo, back up and let me cube."
Blake: "This dude cubes hella well."
Phil: "It's so easy to cube on my Brand Spankin' New Rubik's Cube!"
Margaret: "Screw phonics, I'm hooking on cubing."

2. Reuben: "I can't cube with my piece of shit cube."
Matt: "Damn, Kashani took our cubes away so we can't cube in class."

3. Joe: "Shiiiit, Mike just cubed that 6th degree polynomial in 17.33 repeating seconds."
Mike: "Keak da Sneak cubed is super hyphy hyphy hyphy!"
by tha P R C October 23, 2006
the act that a nerd preforms when solving a rubix cube, can be preformed in a race like fashion with other nerds, and often done with intense music
Joe: "Wanna se how fast I can cube?! I am trying to break 1 minute."
by wardenchar921 September 23, 2009
A person who is such a square, they took it to the next dimension.
Person 1: "I can't go out, I have to get an early start on my homework."

Person 2: "Cube."
by buttons0191 August 29, 2011
insane tripper, midnight toker, raver, and pioneer in psychedelic journeys.
this kids trippin like cubes! damnnnnn.
by fernando christo September 12, 2008

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