The Yeovil College word for love.
I cube you!
Share the cube!
by poppysaurus December 14, 2012
A person who has a square-shaped head, usually bald. Not always associated with flat-tops, although they do make you look like a cube.

As heard in "Seinfeld"
That guy's got a square head.
Yeah, he's a cube!
by dhfbednchfb February 19, 2010
Furlong, the ultimate CUUUUUUUUUBE!
*Clink Clink*
Dude 1: "Dude, did you hear that?"
Dude 2: "It kinda sounds like a cube clinkin around."
Dude 1: "Oh wait, nevermind, it's just Furlong"
The greatest shape on earth.
Sensible people use a cube every day.
by Mario Mario July 04, 2003
To go solo,
He went cube on the blunt
by Ro400 June 10, 2015
A 30 pack of beers. Usually the best buy. Don't confuse it with the bitch cube.
"John bought a cube last night and wouldn't let anyone have a beer, but after his 15th he was so fucked that I just stole a bunch."
by mifter July 28, 2005
an 8x8x8 wood box in which bunch of gds kids (well, 3) who locked themselves for 4 days w/out any notion of time or anything to do but talk and sleep and occasionally eat. the cube was monitered by a webcam so othe gds kids could watch the three guys be bored. it was actually fascinating.
"hey, did you see the last feeding?"
"nah, my computer stopped loading. but i was online at 3 last night...they were all running in circles."
by -_someone_- May 31, 2005

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