Cubans are sell out punks who turn their backs on their latino brothers who don't get automatic amnesty in america like they do, so they have to protest to be treated like human beings. They are also racist and alot of them were buddies with batista so their bitter that all their ill gotten riches were taken by Fidel. They are also republican's and hate other latinos saying they are lazy and not as good as cubans.
Hey Look at that cuban talkin crap:OYE Chico! esos illegales son communistas...(yeah right)
by Luis Alphonso May 06, 2006
in the second world war thousands of soldiers including my granfather when to cuba cause a study done by the united nations declare cuba has biggest amount of putas (whores,prostitudes) in the world check U.N .comsurveys and they love to take it up the brown hole
men i need some backdoor! get me a cuban lady jinetera
by el comelon de trasero cubano July 08, 2006
A person that swims from cuba to America in search of work, but usually does not find any, and becomes a hobo.
Phil: Bob aren't you Cuban.
Bob: Yeah
Phil: Then can you clean my toilet.
by BillyBobjoe32765 February 09, 2007
Double penetration in the maxillofacial area, without inserting a penis into the mouth.
Oh man, me and my brah wanted to Eiffel Tower that narsty slorca the other night but she had just had surgery on her mouth so Cubanned her instead!
by Rey Tiburones April 12, 2007
People that nobody wants to hangout with be cause they'r loud, obnoxious and suck big fat dicks all the time. the are all ugly and smell like a 100 lbs. of cow manoure
that homeless guy just jacked off infront of a school zone, yeah man he did it cause he's cuban, oh that makes sense now
by de truthh October 16, 2010
A curious breed of people with a third world tribalistic mentality, my experience, the majority of which are literally incapable of emulating quiet respectful considerate people,..consumed by selfish sinful pride and best known for their immature disrespectful loudness in both conversation and their choice of "music". Where ever they are found,..A "normal" Cuban conversation can be overheard from more than a block away. When they yell,'s the same as when they talk. The only time they talk quietly is when they're trying to hide something or they feel sick.

If at all possible, avoid moving in to a home closer than 800 feet from a Cuban home. They get up late in the morning or afternoon because the entire family including kids stay up until 3:00 and 4:00 AM hanging out around the swimming pool with latin techno salsa BOOM BOOM "music" blasting at concert level volume while drinking booze and taking drugs. They love Insanely LOUD BASE. They honestly believe that because they love loudness, that everyone else must be forced to hear it. Good Luck trying to sleep if you live anywhere near a Cuban. Even black people and Mexicans are more respectful.

They do this at every available opportunity and as a result their trash cans are continuously overflowing with beer bottles and liquids running out the bottom mixed with dirty diapers and rotten meat.
Cuban: petty, spiteful, rude and discourteous, arrogant,..haughty - proud - conceited - supercilious - lofty, overbearing self-worth or self-importance, offensive, insulting, abusive, contemptuous.
by Bay of Pigs July 02, 2013
a girl thats very sluty and that gets a round with every fucken guy. and want to be center of attion.
Indiera is very Cuban that bitch?
by keley May 11, 2007
A group of Hispancis who are conservative and vote for the Republican Party. They tend to associate themselves with Anglos and disassociate themselves from other Hispanics. Many are openly racist towards other Hispanics and Blacks. They will deny their Hispanic roots unless it benefits them in some way such as college applications where they will mark off Hispanic to take advantage of Affirmative Action. The Cuban vote was the deciding factor in awarding Florida to George W. Bush in the 2000 and 2004 elections and you can thank them for the 8 years of Bush.
That's a Cuban, he is a strong Republican and loves George W. Bush. He will be voting for Palin in the upcoming elections.
by MarkBlack October 04, 2008

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