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-Cubans: People that made Miami the 2nd rudest city in the U.S. "travel&leisure.com"

-Cubans Politicians: Carlos Alvarez and Natacha Seijas, removed due to their rampant dishonesty, the worst in the history of Florida.

-Cuban ancestry: They always say, I'm cuban BUT my family is from Spain. If you were born in cuba you are cuban, period, ashamed?

-Cuban food: The most greasy and unhealthy food in the world.

-Cuban cigars: Exporting cancer to the world.

-Cubans and welfare: Universally known for being liars that work under the table while committing welfare fraud, MOST cubans do it. Besides that Medicare fraud ($91 mil in Florida 2011) is done by hundreds of cuban doctors, and thousands of fake cuban "patients" google: cuban medicare fraud

-Cuban women: Loud, obnoxious, ignorant, abusive, bad manners, raised to be jineteras.

-Cuban men: Raised to be crooks, cocky charlatans.
-Cuban history: From the 1920’s to 50s Cuba was a haven for prostitution, brothels, gambling and drugs ( and the favourite route for the narcotics trade to the United States)

From 1958 to present has become an even poorer country with no respect for human rights, an embarrassment and destructive influence to the hemisphere.


Go back to your island and help your own people to be free, instead of keep ruining Miami.

P.S. Notice Im using facts, not my opinion. All this info is accurate and verifiable. My opinion: QUE CHUSMA TAN DAÑINA !!!
Are you cuban? Shit No! The question is offensive.

How can I get food stamps and medicaid while making money illegally? Ask a cuban

Who is this obnoxious lady trying to cut in line? A cuban
by Heather Conroy January 23, 2012
A. An Arrogant race of Spanish Speakers who mistakenly think they are superior to all other Latin Americans. They selfishly hate to see non-Cubans get ahead. Often right-wing in politics. They frequently inter-marry with white gringos to whiten their natural dark skin so they can blend into American society better, often denying their African and Indian origins. They often look down upon other Spanish-Speaking people with an air of entitlement.
B. A people displaced from their natural homeland for being so arrogant and annoying to the rest of the World.
A. Don't take the condescension from Tony so personally. All Cubans are like that.
by Like it is October 20, 2005
A race of brown people who pretend to be white. In an ironic twist, they call other hispanics: spics,wetbacks,and beaners when the same terms are used to describe Cubans by white people. Instead of crossing over a land border from Mexico, they float on inner tubes across the ocean.
Rodriquez: Look at those filthy spics coming into our country.
Bob: Wait, aren't you Hispanic?
Rodriguez: No, I'm Cuban, that makes me white.
Bob: I see......
by Jason Anders March 22, 2008
Cubans are sell out punks who turn their backs on their latino brothers who don't get automatic amnesty in america like they do, so they have to protest to be treated like human beings. They are also racist and alot of them were buddies with batista so their bitter that all their ill gotten riches were taken by Fidel. They are also republican's and hate other latinos saying they are lazy and not as good as cubans.
Hey Look at that cuban talkin crap:OYE Chico! esos illegales son communistas...(yeah right)
by Luis Alphonso May 06, 2006