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A beautiful girl who amazing, awesome, phenomenal. Caridad is a girl who will always be there for you no matter what. She doesn't trust easily, but thats okay. Because she's a keeper. You have to earn her trust like how you earn a person's love. Caridad is a best friend, one that will always listen, one that doesn't want to see you hurt, one that will cry with you, laugh with you.. Caridad is the type of person you'd want to share memories with, which is amazing because you have to be careful with who you share memories with. Those things simply last forever. Caridad is the light in your darkness, she's the light at the end of your tunnel. If she doesn't like you, she will tell you straight up. If she loves you, she will tell you. She lives in the moment. She seizes the day. Because she knows that you never know when tomorrow, won't exist. Caridad makes you see the brighter things in life. she's your sunshine. She's one of the most amazing reasons why you're still breathing, one of the most amazing reasons why you're still here. Caridad is the type of girl you just can't replace. Caridad is crazy, let me tell you. One time, Caridad and I took off our shoes and started clapping for Jesus. Caridad is the bomb dot com, she's humorus and there is never a dull moment when you're with Caridad. Caridad, is just Caridad.
Caridad is amazing.

Caridad is beautiful
Caridad is awesome.
Caridad is crazy, man.
by Megan Fucking Anderson December 21, 2013
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