A really attractive guy. He's fine as fuck and has a sexy ass smile. His voice is hot as fuck, he's confident and has a sense of humor. Attractive guy sexy
"This guy became a Caymen and had me head over heels"
by Thju555 July 31, 2016
Poor man's porsche
Man 1: Dude check out my porsche!
Man 2: Nigga shut da hell up why don't you save yo money up and go get a 911 instead of dis bulllllshit Cayman
by AKewlName April 17, 2013
A slut-ish female found in most hight school lunchrooms.
Is loud, hyper, and in most cases has large boobs. LOL.
Cayman is THE girl your parents warned you about.
by TKDhottie92 October 17, 2007
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