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1. Having a hidden meaning.
2. Secret or mysterious.
3. Using code.
I don't understand that cryptic language.
by Cryptic December 10, 2003
1. A black person who is also of Italian descent.

2. An Italian person pretending to be black.

3. A derogatory term similar to "moron" or "retard".
1. A man named Chef Mario Djequavious.

2. A man named Chef Mario who calls himself Djequavious.

3. "You stupid niggerachio!"
by Cryptic May 05, 2005
1. Female webmaster.
2. A female who programs, designs, and/or creates a web site.
The sorority's web site is not working properly; I will contact the webmistress of the problem.
by Cryptic March 05, 2004
1. Two polar bears stuck together.

2. A bisexual bear.

3. A bear that has been magnetized.

4. Any combination of the aforementioned definitions.
1. Ha! That bipolar bear can't decide whether to sleep or run around.

2. Ha! That bipolar bear can't decide whether to sleep with Jimmy or with Julie.

3. Ha! That bipolar bear is stuck to that piece of metal!

4. Ha! That bipolar bear is stuck to a piece of metal and can't decide whether to gnaw itself out and sleep with Julie, or sit around thinking about Jimmy.
by Cryptic May 07, 2005
Similar to the doo rag, except worn around one's scrotum.
He wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny Yellow polka dot scrotal doo rag
That he wore for the first time today
by Cryptic May 10, 2005
1. Possessing qualities or being similiar to Jesus, often describing one's beard.
That's a Jesusian beard right there.
by Cryptic May 05, 2005
A word that has no particular meaning. However, Nigerians tend to take great offense to it.
"Bung chung."
"Moyo wangu wanituma mwema!"
by Cryptic September 08, 2005
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