A dirty person with a dog who took the rebellion thing a little too seriously.

Their hobbies typically include: freight train hopping, dumpster diving, asking you for money, and smoking crack.
See that junkie in the Amebix shirt with the incredibly large backpack? He's what we like to call a crusty. He probably ran away from home because his parents wanted him to go to college.
by fhihihug January 17, 2014
anything thats nasty, it could be a person, place, idea or object. This thing is such a disgrace that it reminds you of rotten dried crusty cheese. Basically anything disgraceful, disgusting, plain stupid
1. Ewwww look at that Matt kid, his hair is so crusty.

2. That girl Becky has some crusty ass toenails.

3. Ew that boy Bobby is so crusty he tried to touch me in class.

4. That kid Kimani's notes were so crusty I could barely read them.
by DanaBana October 20, 2010
a female that you would never want to have sex with or have any type of sexual interactions with... The type of girl that its not even okay to hook up when you are wasted.
Ewww, that bitch is so crusty.
by mr.mjcyee September 12, 2010
Thick-skinned: deliberately blunt and frank to the point of rudeness, while indifferent to others' reactions.
That man was crusty enough to walk into the house without even knocking at the door.
by Alogon April 29, 2009
Something that is used and dried up but is still beautiful on the outside.
Justina Moccia is also known as Crusty
by Tyler&Robin February 25, 2009
A group of girls, or an individual who acts like they are "all that". 99.9999% of the time, no one likes this group or this individual.
Also this group or individual tends to be greasy and dressed like a whore.
"Crusty, CRusty, CRUSTY"
"She's such a crusty with her lemur face"
by jparker30 December 12, 2008
an adjective to negatively describe something in place of a swear like dumb ass or something along those lines
Damn jimmy your so crusty.
Wow i swear frankie is the definition of crust.
by JonDaDon July 15, 2010

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