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Adjective used to decribe old people,a gross unidentified substance, anything broken, dirty, crumby, badly made/conceived, falling apart, stupid, wierd, gross, this word can be used very freely as it goes with anything that may have to do with the word crust but it never describes anything good.
1: that old man keeps staring at me
2: eww look how crusty he is


1: i just got this from the dollar store and the lid wont close on it
2: here let me try... damn its not working it sooo crusty
1:that whole dollar store is crusty


1:Mr Tawil thinks he can teach us history by giving us a whole bunch of crosswords, he is such a crust.
2:Yea, he smell like weed, cigarettes and bagels, he is such a crusty old man.

1:ew look at the crust under this desk
2: that's gum , you dumbass
by Naomiiiiii January 16, 2007
adj. Being nasty, gross, unpleasent, smelly, or just ugly
Man1: Hey guys!

Man2: Ewwww! Your so crusty dude!

Man1: I showered last week!
by Mexskimo February 12, 2011
Describes everything that is just... ew. One can be crusty when acting like an asshole or just plain dumb.
EW! That teacher is so crusty for giving us that test!
by nickiminajssazz December 26, 2010
being really, really, extremely bad at something (specifically FIFA world cup)
Im gonna beat your crusty self at FIFA this weekend
by catmeow76 November 18, 2010
A situation, person or action that is delightfully tacky, yet surprisingly refined and enjoyable.
After not shaving for even a day Ryan is as crusty as left over Taco Bell.
by stelo August 19, 2010
Semi abusive discription of a traveler, Or a Wannnabe. Part of the New Agers, with their own music, Dress Sense, Lifestyle. opted out of mainstream society in the mid to late 80's traveling from place to place with the unforgetable dog-on-a-string acssory.
frist seen in the media in the 1985 battle of the beanfield. (UK)dispised by most of society including (and not to be confused with) Gypsies, Pykies, showmen, and tramps.
The 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act included legislation against their lifstyle.
The remaining one's get hounded by teenages, on the lookout for somene who might be able to spare/sell them Dope
The common Cry of: "Get That Fucking Dog Out of Here and Go With It You Crusty Get!" in between Glastonbery and Bristol Before the Summer Solstace.
by Marcus Gravy March 26, 2007
A dirty person with a dog who took the rebellion thing a little too seriously.

Their hobbies typically include: freight train hopping, dumpster diving, asking you for money, and smoking crack.
See that junkie in the Amebix shirt with the incredibly large backpack? He's what we like to call a crusty. He probably ran away from home because his parents wanted him to go to college.
by fhihihug January 17, 2014
A term used in Philadelphia PA and Brigantine NJ. It means that something is bad. Used as an adjective. Opposite of Crispy
Man that movie was really crusty.
by CwC_Wegieman2 September 26, 2011