Foreign matter of a crusty type.
My Roommate had donut crusticles all over his face.
by Justin Woodworth May 22, 2008
Top Definition
Your testicles turn into "raisin" looking objects with age and when they rech the full raisin-ness they are referred to as crusticles.
n. dam look at the crusticles on that guy.
by Here Comes Mikee Bitch July 10, 2008
A filthy, stinking person who does not believe in using soap and water and becomes hostile when people do not give them money when they are panhandling. The core word, crust, is derived from layers of matter affixed to certain areas of the crusticle's body, which emits a foul odor.
That crusticle just called me a mother****er because I wouldn't give him a dollar.
by zuzax May 15, 2015
noun; A wad, cone, or mass of crust.
After leaving your socks on for long periods of time, crusticles begin to form between your toes.
by LolPhayul May 04, 2011
when someone has overly crusty lips and refuses to believe in the magical powers of chap stick.
jesus adam when do you plan on doing something about your crusticles?
by run-escaper May 06, 2010
1.A womans nails that are in terrible condition.

2.The tip of the woman nails (which are usually white) that are of yellow color.

3.Ceudicles with dirt underneath them.
1.She laid her hands out on the desk and accidentaly flashed her "crusticles"

2.She bit her horrid "crusticles" all day.

3.I told him he had "crusticles" and he wouldn't stop cleaning them all day.
by SethVennVampire April 01, 2009
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