The act of being excessivly drunk and high on good 'ol Mary Jane at the same time!
"Yo bob, i went to a bush party last night and was SO crunked!"
by Lauren January 27, 2005
extremely drunk, smashed out of your mind.
Oh man, I was fucking crunked last night!
by mommabear March 18, 2007
came from the words CRazy drUNKED.
It's been a crazy week, it's Friday and it's time to get crunked tonight!
by lilpeanut May 24, 2009
meaning drunk and high at the same time fuckin smashed!! similar to the word \"zonked\"
FucK Afta i finished drinkin that 2\'4 amd smoked that green i was fuckin CrunKeD
by The Reefer Man April 26, 2005
to get crazy drunk'ed
yo' i got crunked and then went over to my ladies hizze and we fumped
by jh con el digitale April 27, 2003
Fucked up on drugs, alcohol, etc. The way you are when you use these substances.
Hey guys, check it out, I'm all crunked up! I am ALL CRUNKED UP!
by Brenna July 04, 2004
to be CRazy (i.e. excessively) drUNK
"I had three Spanish-style rum 'n cokes in an hour, so I was crunked."
by Mandy August 28, 2004

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