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A technical term used in the toilet paper industry to describe a person who crumples the toilet paper into a ball before cleansing themselves. Opposite of a folder.
Man 1: How do you wipe your ass?
Man 2: Oh, I'm a crumpler.
by thecrumpler July 02, 2006
A chick that is so extraordinarily hot you literally crumple in awe when you lay eyes on her.
Dude I met this chick that was so hot I couldn't believe it, she was a total crumpler
by velvet cave August 31, 2009
A sexual act that simulates 'crumpling' your girl. It it performed by putting the female's legs over the male's shoulders then inserting the penis into any orfice. Next the male 'walks' up onto his toes so that the only body parts touching the bed or floor are his toes and the back of her head. If performed right it should resemble an act of rape.
I met this nice political activist bitch last night and didn't agree with her views so when we got back to my place I put her in the crumpler.
by Shrub Master C August 08, 2008
n. (krum-pler)

A very sweet, sexy move that the ladies are sure to enjoy. Simply put: the ring and pinkie fingers in the butt hole, the index finger in the vagina. Its way more pleasurable than the shocker (so I've heard) because it leaves your index finger free to flex and gives some serious backdoor penetration at the same time.
"I hit that girl with the crumpler last night and she loved it!"

by Brosti December 08, 2005

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