2 definitions by iloveyoubabycakes

worst dancing in the world. made from the new gen. hip-pop and needs no skill what so ever to do.
crumper: man im hiphop
bboy: man your hippop
crumper: ohh yea i am hippop, i know nothing of hipHOP and its orgins, thanks man
bboy: no problem you suck anyways
by iloveyoubabycakes May 13, 2005
a new dance for the new age music of hip-hop, worst kind of dancing you can do the needs no skill what so ever to do
bboys - hey the crumpers messed up your hyped cypher again...

crumper - aye nikka what the fawk ish a cyper...???

bboys - damn their hip-pop is shit...

crumper - stfu real hiphop has no breakdancing in it

bboys - lets kick their big shirt wearing ass..
by iloveyoubabycakes May 12, 2005

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