To be laughing at something so hard.
When she i saw that lady fall, i was on the floor CRUMBLIN'
by Spange July 30, 2008
Top Definition
tumblr crushing
im crumblin this chick hardcore man, all she does is reblog spidermemes
by h_t May 14, 2011
A really obvious lie
"She told me her dad was Jamie Oliver, but she was blatantly crumblin'"

"He wasn't crumblin' when he said he'd finish off our creme brulees"

"Turns out she wasn't crumblin'- she had made a fruit flan last night"
by lemoncurd_luva123 March 21, 2009
(V.) The act of being unreliable

(First popularized by Kyle and Kat on a facetime call)
"Bruh! She told me she was tryna chill and she skipped out at the last minute! That bitch slick crumblin'!"
by Dr Cupkizzle January 28, 2015
The leftover crumbs (and frosting!) of any delicious baked good left in the bottom of the pan and all mixed together.
"Dude, those crumblins from your birthday cake were soooo good!"
"Hey! You ate my crumblins?! What's the basis?!"
by sbad27 December 08, 2011
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