When the reciever of oral sex queefs in your mouth while engaged in oral sex with a female or creature with a vaina.
Shit dude. I was eating out your mom and she crotch rocketed me!
by Justin Beeyatch July 11, 2006
A good example . . Dodge tomahawk , search for it on the web . . . Motorcycle capable of going 300+ MPH . . Fastest car is what 240 mph Mcclaren ? ?
Try to drag race ? ? ? Fuck drag race little white trash . . get on a motorcycle you fuckin pansy that's scared of falling off a crotch rocket . . . you think american cars are the shit , but realy crotch rockets rule the streets not fuckin fast and furious wanna be's so stfu biatch
by crochrocket April 04, 2003
Bike to fast for fag ass harley riders and buick drivers. Picks up to much ass. Not heavy enough to support your fat ass date that you picked up at your family reunion, and has no place to mount a SISSY bar.
Sissy bar. Who's the fag?
by drunk rider February 11, 2004
A person who experiences frequent boners.

Can be fixed with masturbastion.
That boy is a crotch rocket!
by Michael May 03, 2004
A motorcycle
Yeah, I drive a crotch rocket because the fag above me spells it motercycle. Baby penguins are brown.
by Rozard December 04, 2002
Crotch Rocket , motorcycles . . usually turbo charged making more HP than most cars (350+ HP at the rear wheel) and weighing 10+ times less than a car and runs ~8 second 1/4 miles and 0-60 in 2.4 seconds . .
yo that crotch rocket is turboed ? ? Shit fuck up them ricers and white trash mother fuckers !!
by turborider April 04, 2003
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