If you like slutty chicks, then you'll get one.
Crotch rockets are for wiggers.
by SLAYER OF YOUR MOM October 11, 2005
Officially and legally sanctioned form of suicide for cretins.
Illegal and massively dangerous if ridden anywhere near their capacity on public streets, a tremendous waste of expense for the non-suicidal. Insurance companies love them.
Usually, they last about one summer season before they are:
b)a twisted pile of unobtainium.
Wow! That little old lady left-turned in front of that crotchrocket pilot!
Now he's just a streak of strawberry jelly on the asphalt.
by crowbone August 15, 2004
noun1.Euphemism for a man's penis

noun2.A man who is known to be exceptionally vigorous during copulatitive episodes.

1: "I was sat on the bus, and damn me if i didn't have the biggest crotch rocket of my life, i had to wait 4 stops 'till it went down!"

2: "I was with Bob last night, he's a real crotch rocket!"
by jymjim April 05, 2003
a bmx trick in which the rider, while in the air, puts both feet on the rear pegs to execute a "rocket air," but covers his/her crotch with both hands to perform the "crotch" part of the trick.
Did you see Joe crash doing a crotch rocket? Dude's balls must be hurtin' like crazy!
by probe joe April 08, 2004
Sweet ass mutha fuckin ride!!
Fuck the redneck, inbred mutha fucker with the buick if he don't like crotch rockets why is he on here? go fuck your granny and have some more kids fag!
by I HATE INBREDS (and buicks) June 28, 2003
Crotch rocket is slang for a tampon.
Teacher: "Why did Suzie just get up and leave class?"

Linda: "She went to go change her crotch rocket."
by MemphisButtler May 30, 2008
When the reciever of oral sex queefs in your mouth while engaged in oral sex with a female or creature with a vaina.
Shit dude. I was eating out your mom and she crotch rocketed me!
by Justin Beeyatch July 11, 2006

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