A crotch rocket is a penis.
Gary has a huge crotch rocket and all of the girls want to ride it.
by Rocket Rider November 01, 2006
a very hard male sexual organ
you've got a sexy crotch rocket, can i touch it?
by Qwerty April 16, 2004
something between your nuts and thigh that goes the speed of fuckin sound plus 5.
SOB my R1 fuckin smokes a Le Sabre with stage 4 heads and no muffler exhaust sport version driven by Arkansas original inbred
by Poop for the bears October 27, 2003
An unstoppable and powerful erection
I have a crotch rocket from looking at my sister
by des, AKA the jazz man January 05, 2007
A girl who is exceedingly good at kicking men in the nuts. A crotch rocket is usually a petite girl, from size 4'10'' to 5'4''. Because of their height, they have a small shoe size, which enablems them to get their foot into prime nut busting position.
"Holly crap dude, Sarah is such a crotch rocket!"

"I know I hate it when she gives me the shoe!"
by Ryan Mac 13 April 28, 2007
A Motorcycle that goes really fast and shocks all the guys when they realize that it was a chick that just blew them away!
"If You Can Read This The Bitch Just Passed Your Ass!"
by Kristy January 17, 2004
fast motorcycle . . wheelies allot . . .
suzuki hayabusa
by sandguy April 04, 2003

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