The art of silently farting as you pass a crowd of people thus leaving them to smell the sweet aroma.
Damn, did Johnny just fart as he walked by? Yes he did! He was crop dusting us!
by sirfart September 26, 2011
When one walks up and down the aisles of a store while farting periodically.
Bryan knew he had to conceal his bean burrito gas, so he did some Crop Dusting in the Stop & Shop.
by Che Grenada April 26, 2011
The act of walking past somebody, and without their knowledge, letting out a fart as you pass. Thus creating the crop dusting effect. Very effective in announcing your presence, or maximizing the devastating effect of your discharge.
*Loud fart*
*guy turns around*
guy 1: did you just crop dust me?

guy 2:....yes

guy 1: that was a good crop dusting.

guy 2: damn straight.
by thebearjew077 November 25, 2010
The act of holding in flatulence until you are on the move, possibly near people that you do not favor.
Senior: "I'm going to do some crop dusting in freshman hall"
Freshman 1 "Dude, did you fart?"
Freshman 2: "That senior was crop dusting"
by Charl3magn3 June 17, 2010
The art of leaving a long silent but deadly fart while walking through a crowded room or bar covering the whole area.
Being able to evenly distribute a fart like crop dusting when moving from one place to another.
by minusalinus November 16, 2009
When you walk by someone or a group and let one go, such as in an elevator, so that no one knows for sure who did it. But all can smell it!
When your on an airplane walking to the front lavatory and you let one go... your crop dusting!
by Fitchick June 02, 2009
The act of farting and walking quickly around the room to spread the scent. Some people do this to deflect the blame of the fart, while others just want to share.
Who let off that stench? I think Calvin did it. Look at him circling the room. He's crop dusting it.
by imalith September 28, 2014

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