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when you are farting continuously
After eating chili and beans I had a constafart going the rest of the day.
by 3pharmacychicks April 01, 2010
Big Southern Hair-

a hairdo that has become the architectural eighth wonder of the world due to copious hairspray, and vigorous teasing, plus or minus hot rollers.
Dolly Parton never leaves the house without two things- big boobs and BSH.
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
when you hit the end button twice on your cell phone to make sure that the caller is disconnected.
"You'd better "double-red that call" before you start talking about what a loser the person on the other end was."
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
Rock star mullet- a nice looking mullet sported by celebrities such as David Bowie or any of the Stefani children.
Did you see the sweet Rollet on the base player in that band?
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
To walk into an enclosed area with a crowd of people and let out a juicy fart, then quickly exit before the smell registers, thereby leaving yourself blameless for the said fart.
I wish I could have seen the look on the clerks face when I left that nice crop dusting behind.
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
Facebook Masochism-
When you punish yourself by looking at your ex-boyfriend's facebook page to see how happy he is with his new girlfriend.
I was already sad, but I thought I'd experience a little FBM and make myself feel worse.
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010

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