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13 definitions by Natalia

Those nausiating large suburban homes that are built from cookie-cutters that seem to pop up everywhere like McDonald's restraunts.
Chris lives over in those new McMansions.
by natalia October 29, 2001
The flirtatious grabbing of the knee (or any other body part) to necessitate a "friendly" reaction from a female.
I think he's trying to get fresh with me.
by natalia March 29, 2000
to hurt, to be painful, to cause pain (usu. a body part)
I hit my leg and now it crebs!
by Natalia November 29, 2004
A weird hybrid. Fairly difficult to define. Mainly found lingering in town centres, never venturing to larger towns. Were formally scallies, but discovered Korn/Slipknot/other metal/rock, and decided to be a mosher. Often seen wearing a scummy band t-shirt or hoody and tracksuit bottoms. Also seen acting "so kerazy!" eg shouting random words, or wearing risque t-shirts. More scally than mosher really.
That DJ guy is a scally mosher - he has about 50 kids and loves Elizabeth Duke jewellery and yet loves Korn.
by Natalia December 01, 2004
vb. to walk home according to the GLC
I lost all my money and couldn't afford a taxi so I had to Shanks and Bigfoot all the way!
by Natalia December 01, 2004
a page that can be found on the internet, also known as the "world wide web," hence the name "web"
I found the answer on the new Urban Dictionary web site.
by Natalia July 30, 2003

(Two friends can use this to agree or as a response to an extremely boring story!)
"... and then she did that, which I could not BELIEVE, and I was like SO MAD..."


"Sheesh -"
"I refuse to 'abob' that 'sheesh'!"
by Natalia April 14, 2004