The act of being on point, dominating, destroying, or just all around kicking ass.
Guy 1: Dude he is 30-0 right now!

Guy 2: Yeah dude he is crispy as fuck right now!
by ERAmatica December 30, 2011
Appealing, pretty, nice - a compliment
That shirt is so crispy! Where did you get it?

I really like your shoes! They are so crispy!
by Sociology 4A October 17, 2011
Another word for awesome. Less commonly used but only awesome people use it describe other awesome people. It is a much better word for awesome, until it is over used then it is no longer crispy
lucy you are totally not crispy
by 011010010101010111010 August 04, 2011
when you are so sad, mad, disappointed, upset, and livid that salty doesnt seem to cover it.

so salty that you are not honey roasted or burnt popcorn but the stuff you scrape off the inside the oven that is so burnt it looks like it was made that way

so salty that it could lead you to violent tendencies none of which you would be held responsible for because your anger is totally understandable
When Jack cancelled the vacation he had planned with Sally she almost strangled him she was so crispy.

"I am so crispy over the fact that dumb girl dumped me I could punch I wall!"

I am so crispy I don't know whether to cry or scream.
by la-FAWN-duH! 132 July 09, 2011
Being extremely High out of your mind

Im so Crispy i dont know what the hell is going on
by mstabrown69 May 16, 2011
to throw insults and "burns" out like nobody's business.

to burn people to a "crisp" with your harsh words.
Man, did you hear Miriam last night? She was so crispy. She called every chick in sight a hoe bag.
by crispy mim October 21, 2010
Speaking the truth in a direct, borderline-bitchy manner.
Sorry if I was crispy earlier but I'm not letting her shit all over me again!
by ao'hole August 24, 2010
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